Dalit activist demands 1 crore compensation to Ilavarasan family

Sivakami IAS

Sivakami IAS

Noted Dalit Activist and Samuga Samathuva Padai party leader Sivakami IAS has demanded the Tamil Nadu government to compensate Ilavarasan’s family with Rs 1 crore for their son’s death.

Dharmapuri district Natham colony dalit boy Ilavarasan had married Vanniyar girl Dhivya last year. The two separated last month and earlier this month Ilavarasan was found dead near a railway track behind the government college, leading to lots of tension in the area. 144 section was in the place hence no political party or activist were allowed for the final procession of Ilavarasan.

Violating the 144, Samuga Samathuvapadai katchi head Sivakami IAS decived the police and reached the village on a two wheeler,  and went ahead and garlanded Ilavarasan’s body.And met Ilavarasan’s parents Ilango and Krishnaveni and expressed her condolences.

Later speaking to reporters she said “To make sure Dalits don’t join together,Police and district administration officials have been put up around. The government failed to provide enough security to Ilavarasan and is answerable for the death of Ilavarasan. I came to here my final respect for a true soldier, and meet his parents and relatives and express my condolence to them.I do not want to make politics out of it, human life very much valuable.The Government has to pay Rs 1 Crore as compensation to the parents who are suffering of losing their son.

“For Ilavarasan’s parents and the arrest lawyers, Samuga Samathuva Padai will extend all the support possible. Don’t make any problem here , I will myself surrender before the police, do not beat these people and create more issues.” Concluded Sivakami was picked up in jeep and dropped at  Naikkan Kottai, she was also served a summon for violation of prohibitory orders in the district

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