Veena Malik sweats out to lose weight for next film

Veena Malik sweats out to lose weight for next film

Veena Malik has been sweating out herself and the reason for assiduous weight loss regimen, is that her role in the upcoming film ‘The city that never sleeps‘ requires her to be leaner. In a candid interview, Veena said that after taking up the role in the Kannada remake of ‘Dirty Picture’, ‘Silk Sakkath Maga’ she had to gain weight in order to portray Silk  Smitha but now the makers of ‘The city that never sleeps‘ have demanded from Veena to lose her flab quick enough for her role.

In a brief interview with Veena , she said ” It is difficult to gain weight and then lose again and the problem is not new to me. Shooting for Silk Sakkath Maga I was ordered to put on a few extra pounds to flaunt my curves. But with The City that Never Sleeps and Supermodel shooting up next I will have to lose all of what I had gained. It is really difficult process for one. But then the role demands that and I have to abide with it.”  the actress also said that she will be looking forward to the day when she comes back to her normal shape.

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