Randeep Hooda finds Karan Johar’s acting skills remarkable

Randeep Hooda finds Karan Johar's acting skills remarkable

The common perception in Bollywood regarding Karan Johar is that of a director but according to Randeep Hooda there is more to that meets the eye where Karan is concerned. According to him, Karan possess remarkable acting skills and it is one his facets not normally seen.

” I believe Karan is one of Bollywood’s most finest directors however many people would not believe that he is also a very fine actor. He can get into the shoes of an actor and direct films and that is a quality rarely seen. He has a premonition of what the people want to see and he furnishes that with a finesse.” Randeep was also glad of working with Karan as he will be starring in his upcoming production ‘Ungli‘ alongside Sanjay Dutt, Emran Hashmi and Neha Dhupia.

He will also be seen in the directorial project of Bombay Talkies where he would be seen Karan’s segment. Randeep recently featured in Jism 2 and Murder 3 and is currently working on the final segments of Bombay Talkies alongside Rani Mukherji.

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