Kareena Kapoor says she has life outside marriage

Kareena Kapoor says she has life outside he marriage

Kareena Kapoor who recently got married to fellow actor Saif Ali Khan has dismissed rumors that her life only centers around her immediate ones and that she prefers to remain aloof from the film fraternity. The actress responded that although she had married and had her change in her priorities this did not rule out the possibility of her having a life beyond matrimony.

The actress said that she shares a very cordial relation with her fellow co-stars but maintained a line as to where work is concerned and where family is. The actress also added that she endeavored not appear to be solitary or egoistic as some might put. “I am a part of the industry and my priority is to work as an actor, employed by the industry. I’m not over-friendly with anyone, but cordial. I don’t involve myself into anyone’s personal space because I don’t want others to get into mine. I have a life outside of films.”

The actress added “Some of my friends are from the industry but most of them are not. So that is what I cherish. I want to keep it like that – go to work, come back home and let my days work do most of the talking”

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  1. ashish patel

    January 28, 2013 at 11:49 am

    good pic kareena kapur

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