Jecqueline to selectively choose 'big' films

Jecqueline to selectively choose ‘big’ films

Jecqueline to selectively choose 'big' films

She has floored everyone in the country with her beauty in ‘Race 2′and now Jacqueline Fernandez wants to concentrate on retaining that image she has cultivated hard for herself in an alien industry. The Sri Lankan beauty recently said that she would be selective in her career options that is to say she would be consciously choosing films which are considered to be ‘big’ with ‘big’ stars  and directors in it.

Speaking in an interview,  “It is almost a joy to see one’s movies going successful with the audiences and for this reason I will selective in the offers I get. I will be doing films only associated with big banners as  I feel they have the potential of doing well at the box office.” The actress also added that she was prioritising her career and also gives more reason ,” the fact is that much hard work is given in films but many of them are not successful. I would personally do not want to see my hard work going down the drain, hence my conscious decision to choose films which have a strong standing behind them.”

The actress also pointed out that her ‘big ‘ is not associated with ‘big budget’ as many would perceive rather it is about people who are professionally qualified enough to direct movies.

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